Monday, October 14, 2013

The story of two cars!

My fathers two Mercedes Benz from 1951 became historical in our family due to their destiny. During a business trip in Germany, an American military plane exploded above in the sky. Cars in front of and behind my father's car started burning. The blast wave was intense so he had to make all his effort with kicking the door to get out. Several people died or were severly injured and a nearby house burned down. My father had his gardian angel watching him as had happend in the past.

The other car was lost in Tunisia Autumn 1958. It was the raining period, my father was late with delivering a work he had been doing for some time. The main road to Tunis was closed, so he to took the smaller road close to the Sea. The sparking plugs became wet and the car stopped just before a bridge. He went over the bridge to ask some guys for help. When he turned back, a flood wave came and took the car, which sank some 100 meters down the river.

I've done a page to celebrate those two lost Mercedes Benz.

 Thanks to Natalie Kalbach's blog hop for her Stencil Girl Oldtimer stencil, (which I, lucky me had won) I could make pictures almost like my father's old cars. One was made by using Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel over the stencil on an OH transparency. The other car, I put Pebeo Heavy Modeling Paste through the stencil on paper. I've used H2O Twinklings, Schjerning Uniq Pearls and Art Metals, Pebeo Studio Dyna Iridescent.

The background is made by glueing tissue paper with gel medium onto a magazine cover, next layers are Galeria Black Lava Texture Gel, Pebeo Black Gesso and Treasure Gold. The stars are made with modeling paste through TCW stencil Punchinella (Balzer design) and Schjerning Art Metal. The gears are Tim Holz dies painted with Uniq Pearl and Treasure Gold, in the middle is a military button and the numbers comes from TGR.
Happy crafting



  1. Wow. Gerd! this is amazing! I so love your artwork and the background is stunning. I love how the cars pop up! And the story!!!! That is like out of an adventure book - what a treasure to have those two stories in your family! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thank you Nat! I love this stencil and I'll sure use it for many other projects as well./Gerd